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Your Mortgage Requirements

Enter your requirements below to see the monthly repayments and fees for all mortgages available to you online.

You can obtain detailed illustrations on any of the options that interest you, before going on to get an online lending decision (also known as a mortgage certificate or agreement in principle).

First Time Buyer

All applicants are buying their first property or have been mortgage free for the past 3 years.

If one applicant is not a first time buyer, please select that applicant's borrower type from the list above.

Please note: If you are looking to apply for a shared ownership or right to buy mortgage, you will need to visit your local branch.

Nationwide Borrower - Moving

You currently have a Nationwide mortgage and are planning to move home.

New Customer - Moving

You have a mortgage with another lender and are planning to move home, or you are currently mortgage free but had a mortgage in the last 3 years.

New Customer - Remortgaging

You currently have a mortgage with another lender and are looking to switch to a Nationwide mortgage (without moving home).


Unfortunately you cannot get a quote or apply online using this application. Please see How to apply for more information.

Please note: If you apply for an Interest only or Part Interest & Part Repayment mortgage, you will be asked during the application for details of the investments you plan to use to repay the interest only element of the mortgage.